Wednesday, April 13, 2011

TV: A bit of the old ultrabias...

The gun rights movement has had enormous success over the past decade, so it was sort of quaint seeing HBO's "Gun Fight," a documentary by Barbara Kopple (check out her IMDB page to get an idea of her politics).

The film was interesting in that it was old-school gun control propaganda of the '90s vintage, with all the buzzwords in place - "gun show loophole," "assault weapon," etc. Now, I suppose it's not too surprising HBO would show an anti-gun piece with such an obvious slant, but this is a movie where they literally dance in the blood of innocents (there are clips showing the blood of murder victims on screen).

The protagonist of the tale is Colin Goddard, a guy who hid under a desk during the Virginia Tech shooting and now shills for the Brady Bunch. Their lone pro-gun person is Richie Feldman, a former gun lobbyist who got burned by the NRA and is now out for revenge. I was waiting for Bill Clinton to be presented as a common-sense middle ground.

There are some fairly comical moments, though. I laughed when anti-gun researcher Garen Wintemute showed how he leaves his last will and testament out before he goes "undercover" at a gun show; apparently, he thinks gun show promoters hate him so much they're willing to murder him in public. Wintemute even documents a straw purchase at a gun show, acknowledges that the individuals broke existing federal law, and doesn't even bat an eyelash when he advocates more gun control laws.

With such an old-school documentary, I thought it appropriate to bring an old-school response: I bought a case of .223 from Mol┼Źn labe like it's 1999!


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