Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dragon*Con 2011 - Final Thoughts

Leaving Dragon*Con is always a little sad. For most people, the four days at the con are the end of weeks of anticipation, planning, and costume-making. During the convention, you're surrounded by like-minded, like-dressed people, you're doing things you couldn't do anywhere else, and you're making memories with your friends that last a lifetime. I guess my feelings are summed up by Allie Goertz's "Tonight," the most melancholy song about Dungeons & Dragons ever made:

Anyway, since the actual Dragon*Con posts are so big, here are direct links to them in case you missed one:

Anatomy of the Con
Activities and Attractions
Our Costumes
Random Cosplay Highlights
Gaming at the Con

That's it for Dragon*Con 2011. Regular posting at Shangrila Towers now resumes...


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