Saturday, November 05, 2011

Links: Fall Blogrolling

There's no grand theme unifying today's changes to the Shangrila Towers blogroll.


Carteach0: As the blog header indicates, this is, quite simply, a blog of shooting topics. There's posts about old reloading dies at gun shows, scoping a CZ 452 training rifle, and choosing a CCW piece. Needless to say, all this stuff is right up my alley.


Shall Not Be Questioned: Formerly known as "Snowflakes in Hell." As I understand it, the H-E-double hockey sticks part of the old blog name was causing too much trouble with the wider world, and it was a bit confusing to explain anyway. You'll still find the exact same gun rights politics, news, and philosophy at "Shall Not Be Questioned."


God, Guns and Grits - Last time I added this blog by John W. Myers, he was undergoing chemotherapy. It's now been many months since his last post; either he's passed on or he's decided that tending to faith and family was more important than pumping the free ice cream machine. In either case, vaya con Dios, sir.


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