Saturday, July 21, 2012

Links: Blogrolling, Summer swelter edition

A couple more additions to the Shangrila Towers blogroll...

Art of the Rifle - A very focused, compulsively useful blog about rifle shooting. And I mean "rifle shooting" in a pure sense - no AR/AK gear, no giant honking benchrest varmint guns, no competition stuff that is impractical in real life. Rifleslinger tries to discuss only techniques and gear that will help you achieve a first-round hit on a target, in the field, at unknown ranges, with a mainstream caliber rifle (i.e. .30-06/.308).

chainsawsuit - Kris Straub is probably best known for drawing the sci-fi webcomic "Starslip," which recently ended its seven year run. "chainsawsuit" is a bit easier to get into, since it's a gag-a-day strip with little in the way of continuity. The topics differ, but you can count on a steady stream of jokes about pop culture, gaming, movies...and pee.


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