Sunday, October 28, 2012

Food: Middle East Bakery & Grocery

Clematis and CityPlace draw all the attention, but some of the best food in West Palm Beach comes from small local joints off the beaten path, like Middle East Bakery & Grocery:

Okay, so it's not much to look at. There's no service to speak of, and the only dining area is a set of tables and chairs outside. If you like Lebanese food, though, you should probably pay the place a visit. Half grocery store and half take-out deli/bakery, the proprietors serve up a fairly large selection of Middle Eastern favorites - shish tawook, grape leaves, you name it. You can grab a lunch platter for about $10 that includes rice, salad, hummus, pita, and an entree.
The food's good - really flavorful and fairly authentic - but it's also a pretty heavy meal, since every dish is positively soaking in rich spices and dressing. See if you can spot the falafel in the picture below underneath all the sauces, vegetables, and garnishes:

2/4 stars


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