Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Tech: Amazon Dash

It's hard keeping track of household products in the modern world. I mean, who can tell when you're running out of fresh Tide® detergent, creamy Kraft® Macaroni and Cheese, or rich Maxwell House® coffee? If you've ever found yourself staring in wild-eyed desperation at the empty rack of your Keurig K-Cup® coffee machine, than you need Amazon Dash:

Amazon Dash seamlessly integrates with your lifestyle. You simply place small plastic buttons, helpfully emblazoned with all of your favorite brands, everywhere around your home.  When pressed, the buttons send in an automatic order to your Amazon Prime account, sending the needed product right to your door. Like with your other Prime orders, you can get products delivered two-day, overnight, or, in some areas, on the same day, so last-minute trips to the store will be a thing of the past! Request your Amazon Dash buttons today!

...April Fool's!

...Wait? This is a real thing?


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