Thursday, August 13, 2015

Links: Americana Podcasts

It's pretty hard to find indie American-style rock, folk, country, and blues on the terrestrial radio nowadays, which is a bit sad considering that those genres were born here.

There are still artists making this kind of music, though, and thanks to the Internet, they're only a podcast away...

The Americana Rock Mix - Coming at you every week from Bradenton, Florida, the Americana Rock Mix serves up hard-rocking, little-known music for your listening enjoyment. Aside from the mixes (which are great), you'll hear artist interviews, album news, and some entertainingly candid discussions of host Von's personal life.

The Miller Tells Her Tale - To escape the bro-country infecting the airwaves today, sometimes you have to go across the ocean - Scotland, to be precise. Karen Miller hosts this 2-hour show out of Glasgow every week, and it's jam-packed with country and rock, old and new, popular and indie.  She does a fine job (I like how she doesn't shy away from giving negative reviews of an album), but there is something slightly surreal about hearing this sort of music introduced by a heavy Scottish accent.

Freight Train Boogie - Host Bill Frater lends his name and his enthusiasm to this podcast, which plays all the "twangy" stuff that has long been abandoned by the mainstream - we're talking real blues and real country, something you might hear in a smoky bar by the train tracks. In addition to the hour-long weekly shows, you can hit up the FTB website for all the latest in roots rock, alt country, and everything else guitars and harmonica.


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