Saturday, December 03, 2016

Music: Dirt Road

Southern Culture on the Skids is often pigeonholed as a greasy-fried hillbilly party/parody band, but I think that's unfair. Sure, the trio of Rick Miller, Dave Hartman, and Mary Huff have been making scores of songs about backwoods food and sex (sometimes both at once) since 1987, but their most recent album, "The Electric Pinecones," showcases a lot of real musicianship and fun psychedelic rock influences (the record name comes from SCOTS' side project, "The Pinecones," which sometimes opened for the "real" band).

My favorite track is "Dirt Road," which the band describes as a "three-minute ode to séances, thunderstorms and good lovin’ long gone." It's just a genuinely good folk/rockabilly song, with a haunting vocal from Huff and a smokin' guitar solo from Miller in the bridge:


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