Monday, September 04, 2017

Links: Gun Blogrollin'

After taking some firearms training courses this year, I realize I've been laboring under a sort of "Gunning"-Kruger effect: the illusion that I am a better shooter than I really am. Of course, the only way to remedy that is to train more and learn more, hence today's links to information-packed gun blog goodness (h/t to Bores and Blades, which itself is a worthy edition to the Shangrila Towers blogroll):

Active Response Training - Experienced police instructor Greg Ellifritz is one of the premier shooting and tactical skills trainers in the Ohio area. His webpage is a great source of original content and aggregated info from around the web - check out the super-useful "Weekend Knowledge Dumps" if you don't believe me.

tacticalprofessor - Claude Werner has a "very particular set of skills" (U.S. Army Special Ops, real estate research director, IDPA competitor, shooting instructor), and he brings them all to bear in his online publications and website, tacticalprofessor. I think most readers will appreciate Werner's scholarly approach to the fundamentals of pistolcraft.


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