Sunday, January 28, 2018

Music: Space Truckin'

My friends and I have been enjoying "Ash vs Evil Dead," a Starz original series that brings back Bruce Campbell as everyone's favorite chainsaw-wielding antihero. While the show was developed by Sam Raimi and the original Evil Dead creators, the showrunner is Craig DiGregorio, and he does a great job of translating the cult films' gore and humor into a TV-sized package:

A big part of the Ash v. ED experience is the music, which alternates between classic '70s/'80s hard rock and left-field selections, like PJ Harvey's "Down by the Water." I particularly liked the series' opening song, "Space Truckin'":

It's one of Deep Purple's best tracks, though the live versions can get a bit...indulgent. I mean, I like organ and guitar solos as much as the next guy, but maybe not 20-odd minutes of them:



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