Sunday, August 26, 2018

Miscellany: Go-Ped KickPed review

As far as kick scooters made for "last mile" commuting go, I've been very happy with my Xootr Roma. However, I was curious about the other major option in this market segment - Go-Ped's "Know Ped" - so I ponied up the cash and bought the KickPed:

The KickPed is a special stripped-down version of the Know Ped made for a prominent bike shop in New York City called NYCeWheels (quick note - everything on Shangrila Towers is bought at retail with my own money; I am not beholden to anyone and do not get special manufacturer "samples"). The KickPed subtracts the Know Ped's front caliper brakes, gets a simpler clearcoat (or black) finish, and has a narrow, kick-friendly deck. Let's see how the KickPed compares with my Xootr Roma, shall we?

Wheels - The KickPed uses wide rubber wheels that eat up sidewalk cracks like candy. It's a lot more comfortable to ride than the Xootr, which has rollerblade-like polyurethane tires that transmit every road imperfection to your body. Of course, you can't get something for nothing - the wide wheels of the KickPed have more rolling resistance, making the scooter a little slower than the Xootr on level ground.

Brakes/Fender - Subtracting the front brake simplifies things a lot in the KickPed, but I find that I really miss the Xootr's elegant front brake system, which allows you to subtly control speed without resorting to the fender brake.

Deck - This one's a tie, I think - both decks feel really solid and haven't worn down a bit. My guess is that the solid aluminum Xootr deck will last longer, but the KickPed deck is no slouch and offers slightly more traction for wet shoes.

Folding Mechanism - The KickPed is dead easy to fold, but there's some movement in the collapsed package - it isn't one rigid piece like the Xootr. The KickPed is also noticeably heavier and bigger when folded than the Xootr. If you're carrying the scooter through a grocery store or a subway line, the Xootr wins.

All in all, the KickPed is a fine scooter that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend. For the type of lunch-hour commuting I do, though, speed is paramount, so the Xootr Roma is still my choice.


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