Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Guns: PHLster

PHLster is one of those rare holster makers where I can wholeheartedly recommend their entire lineup. I have bought several of their products (with my own such thing as a paid promotion here on Shangrila Towers), and I've used them in both daily carry and training courses. Each one is excellent:

Skeleton holster - This minimalist appendix inside-the-waistband holster is slim, comfortable, and tough as nails. I used it to carry both my G26 and the G17T force-on-force trainers in a Shivworks ECQC class, and it never let me down, despite all the rolling around and wrasslin' inherent in a Craig Douglas course.

Skeleton universal magazine carrier - A decent solution to an age-old problem: getting a generic pouch to retain a wide variety of double-stack magazines, including the mags for your weirdo Hungarian Blast-o-matic 9mm.  PHLster uses a shock cord wrap that tensions the pouch for polymer double-stack magazines (think GLOCK and M&P), thought it might not work as well for slimmer double-stack designs.

City Special revolver holster - This is the best AIWB revolver holster I've ever used, bar none. I have a couple of the early ones for my S&W 642 and 640; the newest versions have been remolded to fit almost any J-frame, including ones with Crimson Trace grips.

Flatpack tourniquet carrier - While I don't generally carry a tourniquet on the belt, I've found the Flatpack is a great way to stash a CAT or SOFT-T on a backpack strap or bike frame.

TDI Fightworthy Sheath - The Ka-Bar TDI is a good small fixed blade that comes with a middling sheath. PHLster's popular Fightworthy sheath remedies all the OEM sheath's retention and draw issues, in a package that's much smaller and more concealable. It's spendy, but worth the coin.


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