Saturday, October 14, 2006

Books: I Am Legend

The granddaddy of all the "Night of the Living Dead"/"Assault on Precinct 13" siege stories is "I Am Legend," a novel by Richard Matheson.

In the book, there is only one normal man left on Earth - the rest have become bloodthirsty vampires. By day, he hunts the sleeping undead in the post-apocalyptic ruins of humanity's cities, and by night he boards up his house and prays for dawn as the mob of vampires try to get inside.

Many of Matheson's works have already been adapted into motion pictures ("Stir of Echoes," "What Dreams May Come," etc.) and "I Am Legend" is no exception. You may have seen Vincent Price's version or the Charlton Heston version, "The Omega Man." Another remake is slated to be released next year.


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