Friday, June 13, 2008

Guns: Streamlight TLR-1 Weaponlight

My house gun (a CZ P-01) recently received an upgrade - a Streamlight TLR-1 weaponlight. I had been toying around with getting a handgun light for awhile, but my decision to put my SureFire handheld flashlight up for sale was what ultimately prompted the purchase.

The TLR-1 is the simplest model, no laser or anything, just a very bright LED, two batteries, and the circuitry and casing to attach it to your firearm. First things first, the light works fine, even after a couple hundred rounds downrange. The mounting system is fast and secure, and it'll attach to most rail systems out there.

There are two settings - momentary on and constant on, activated by an ambidextrous lever in the rear of the light. It's not hard to hit the switch with either hand, but I had to move my support thumb (left thumb) a bit further forward on the grip than I'm used to.

One disadvantage of having a light mounted in this fashion is that the lens will get clouded with powder debris after a few magazines' worth of ammo, diminishing the overall output of the light until you wipe the gunk off. Otherwise, I think the light is a good buy for the money and certainly a nice addition to your housegun of choice (brackets and mounts exist to strap this sucker onto carbines and shotguns, if that's your desire).


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