Tuesday, April 07, 2009

TV: Appliance Direct

Commercials are getting really fancy these days, but sometimes a TV spot that's simple and earnest can beat out the latest glitzy big-budget marketing campaign. Here's a commercial for Appliance Direct, an appliance store that's centered in Orlando, Florida:

It's a brutally simple pitch - give out some consumer information to attract any viewer who might be in need of a new fridge, and then hammer them over and over with the name of your store. Stress your advantages over the department stores (same day delivery, free pickup of the old appliance).

A lot of the charm comes from the people in the commercial, CEO Sam Pak and a woman named Lee (not related to Mr. Pak in any way). According to the fansite, Mr. Pak moved to this country several decades ago and had to learn English, which explains his accent. He worked his way up the ranks, and now oversees a burgeoning appliance empire. As for Lee, her constant use of the same green and yellow outfits and her excitable pitch in commercials make her a perfect counterpoint.

Current Appliance Direct commercials are even more, ahem, direct, simply pimping the products and telling you their exact prices on air, then repeatedly ramming in the "Appliance Direct" name and location. Talk about easy comparison shopping - thanks, Appliance Direct.


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