Saturday, December 17, 2011

Guns: Personal Defense TV

In an alternate universe, Guns & Ammo's "Personal Defense TV" would be the biggest thing on television. I know I'd rather watch shooting and self-defense than Snookie and the Situation:

PDTV is really two shows. For the first four seasons, host Tom Gresham looked at popular self-defense topics - running an AR carbine, shooting in low light, etc. - with goofy, lighthearted aplomb. Tom is careful not to reveal how good a shooter he is (he's been a shooting and outdoor writer for years), and it helps make things less intimidating to any newbies:

Season V kicks things into high gear with new host George Wehby - a Marine, Air Marshal, and MMA fighter. While the show retains the popular "Skills Drill" and "Action Plan" segments (with Clint Smith and Massad Ayoob, respectively), the tone is much more serious and better-suited to gun and self-defense nuts (basically anyone reading this blog, I guess):


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