Sunday, June 12, 2016

Guns: 300 yards

I rarely get the chance to shoot at any distance longer than 100 yards, so for me, the 300-yard day at the PBSO rifle range is a special treat. The targets are tiny at the firing line, though:

Along for the ride was Son of Frankencarbine! and my Ruger Gunsite Scout. The AR was wearing a Trijicon AccuPoint TR24R 1-4x in a LaRue QD LT 104-30 mount, while the Scout had Leupold's fixed-power intermediate eye relief scope, the FX-II.

Of course, these are not the ideal scopes for shooting tiny groups prone, but I am not a good enough shooter to suss out the difference. And anyway, I was having too much fun tossing out a full magazine's worth of PMC Bronze .223 and X-TAC 5.56 from the BCM:

The Gunsite Scout was a bit tougher to handle. At the FX-II's 2.5x magnification level, I really hand to concentrate on the reticle to make sure it was centered over the tiny blue dot in the scope:

Eventually, I started dropping rounds into the black, with the help of a Galco Safari Ching Sling (a must-have accessory for a scout rifle) and 168 grain Federal Gold Medal Match. I had to hold over about 12 inches using this combo, though.


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