Saturday, February 01, 2020

Miscellany: 2020 EDC

For 2020, I'm changing around some of my everyday carry tools based on the training I've received in the past year. For example, instead of carrying a spare magazine for my handgun (which is only useful in incredibly rare situations), I'm making a concerted effort to carry medical gear like tourniquets and hemostatic gauze.

From left to right:

Keys (with Leatherman Squirt PS4 multitool, Fisher Trekker Pen, and Maratac AAA flashlight) - I lost my Rambler to an overzealous security guard at Universal Studios, so I replaced it with the Squirt. It's more useful since it has pliers and scissors, but it's also quite heavy (2 ounces) and bulky.

SOF Tactical Tourniquet (Gen 3) in PHLster Flatpack tourniquet carrier - I think the C-A-T tourniquet is easier to use, especially with one hand, but it's too bulky to carry on the belt for me. In contrast, this setup fits in at about 10 o'clock, right to the left of my...

ShivWorks Clinch Pick in Dark Star Gear sheath - In my experience, extracting and opening a folding knife while you are grappling, either standing or on the ground, is unlikely.

GLOCK 43 in Blackpoint Tactical Mini Wing IWB holster - I usually carry appendix nowadays, but this gun and holster combo works too well to ditch.

Surefire E1D LED Defender - A discontinued model; if you want something similar, look at the EDCL1-T or the E1B Backup.

Leatherman Skeletool - Slightly duplicative of the Squirt (I never need two sets of pliers), but it's one of the few five-ounce mulitools with a pocket clip, so it gets carried a lot.


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