Saturday, October 31, 2020

Mulliga's 2020 Halloween Spectacular: Music to be Murdered By

Not even a seemingly endless global pandemic can cancel Halloween! As if 2020 wasn't scary enough, this year I am featuring my usual ghoulish assortment of posts.

Happy Halloween! Below are some recent additions to my enormous 25+ hour Spotify playlist, "Mulliga's Halloween Horrorfest":

Vampire Chick, by Shawlin Supreme & the Kick Back Boys

There are lots of songs comparing a lover to a devil, monster, or the like, but only in the metaphorical sense. These songs generally don't make my playlist, but Vampire Chick takes it a step further by describing an encounter with a vamp that turns into an encounter with, well, a vamp. The funky groove doesn't hurt either.

NIGHTMARE, by Haylee Joe

Like many artists, California pop singer Haylee Joe wrote music in quarantine, recording in her bedroom and producing through Zoom sessions. My pick of her debut EP Norman Bates is this track, which throws in the creepy nursery rhyme from the Elm Street movies (One, Two, Freddy's Coming For You) for good measure.

Dead Heart Beat, by LVCRFT

LVCRFT's 2019 horror pop album, somewhat unimaginatively titled This is Halloween, was a big hit, and their follow-up album, definitely unimaginatively titled The Sequel, is more of the same. I like this track, which includes a spoken word cameo by the CryptKeeper himself, John Kassir.

Werewolf Delight, by DBone and the Remains

I heard about DBone and the Remains from the soundtrack of Netflix's recent Adam Sandler movie, Hubie Halloween.  I like how this track balances camp and danceability - it's the perfect thing to put on for trick or treaters or at a Halloween party. And yes, there is a wolf howl at the end.


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