Friday, February 05, 2021

Links: Blogroll Additions

Shangrila Towers has a living blogroll, composed only of websites that are still being updated. As new blogs are found, I put them on, and as old blogs die, I take them off.  

Most of the blogroll is composed of gun blogs, since shooting is my hobby and a Second Amendment debate put me on the path to becoming a lawyer. Here are a few blogs I'm adding:

Breach Bang Clear - Edited by The Mad Duo, a pair of the world's roughest, toughest action figures, this blog has a variety of contributors, making the tone sometimes tongue-in-cheek tone (a Mandalorian themed .458 SOCOM AR build) and sometimes surprisingly heartfelt (parenting an autistic child).

The Cornered Cat - On very rare occasions, the author of a dead blog resurfaces and begins posting again. Happily, that happened with Kathy Jackson's self-defense-oriented blog after a two-and-a-half year hiatus. I added Kathy's blog to my blogroll 8 years ago, and I'm glad to put it on again.

Practical Eschatology - If the last 11 months haven't felt enough like the End Times, read this prepping-and-survival oriented blog. Docent's posts are often political, sometimes pathologically so, but always practical. The blog features regular aggregation posts with lots of commentary and shooting links.


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