Wednesday, April 11, 2007

School: Procrastination

Sometimes, the hardest writing in the world is rewriting. Having turned in the first draft of my Appellate Advocacy brief a month ago, I'm now waiting until the very last minute (it's due Friday) to revise it before I turn it in for good. This is a very bad habit, and I'm sure it'll haunt me in the future. Why do people put off work that they know they must do?

There are some excuses I suppose I could use in this case. I'm kind of sick of the subject, since we've been doing it for about three months now. I'm a little bit sick, and I feel like I don't have energy left to do things after classes have concluded for the day. I've already prepared several lines of reasoning for the oral arguments that I presented last week - and they turned out to be winners. And finally, the darn thing's already written! I could literally turn it in with an hour's worth of revisions and still get a good grade. So no worries, I guess...

Oh, it will get done eventually. I figure that it only took two nights to write the darn thing in the first place, so why should it take more than that to correct and redo it? I already have all the arguments and cases locked in my head, so it's not even a question of acquiring the knowledge.


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