Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Guns: A Tale of Two Gun Reviews

Here's a professionally done review of the CZ-75 SP-01:

And here's an amateur review of the CZ-75 P-01:

Oddly enough, I find the amateur review much more informative and a lot more interesting. It might not have flashy range demonstrations or cool product placement, but it's the honest opinion of a guy who went out and bought a pistol with his own money, not at the behest of some editor or advertiser.

The P-01 is my carry gun, too, and I can safely echo pretty much all of Seanwins' comments. It's comfortable and easy to shoot, and I'd put it up against any aluminum framed autoloader on the market (man, now I'm starting to sound like an informercial). The above two videos just go to show you - when it comes to a thing like gun reviews, you never know where the next great review is going to come from.


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