Monday, December 17, 2007

Miscellany: Lazy Winter Days

Winter break has always been the best part of the year for me. I mean, getting a few weeks off from school is great in and of itself, but couple that with the fact that the vacation time coincides with Christmas, and you have a recipe for delight. I settled down today to "churn some grist" for the old blog - reading a few books, watching some TV, and playing through video games that I'd neglected during the semester.

The nicest part of the day was when I got an impromptu tennis lesson from my grandfather. Tennis in December might only be possible in Florida, but it was a fine day for it, with clear skies and a sunny breeze. And, I'm not afraid to say it, my octogenarian Grandpa still can kick the crap outta me when it comes to tennis. I wish I had some of this guy's skills:


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