Thursday, January 17, 2008

Food: New Deal Cafe

I've blogged about Mildred's Big City Food, but Mildred's has a sister restaurant, the New Deal Cafe. It's located right next to Mildred's in a shopping center off Newberry and 34th. By and large, I think the New Deal Cafe is a better value than its sibling, which is reflected in my final score.

My favorite dish there is the "Basket of Fries." For $4, you get a whole bucket of meaty french fries - enough to feed a half-dozen folks as a side dish with no problems. The fries are hot, crisp, and come with an aioli dipping sauce that can only be described as "guiltily delicious."

There are other treats. I found the various salads tasty, and even a half salad is a decent portion. The main draw here, though, has got to be the various burgers, which are served with even more fries. Add in a nice patio seating area and efficient service, and you have a great little place cafe.

3/4 stars


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