Thursday, January 10, 2008

Food: Gyro Plus

Finding a good deal on lunch in Gainesville can be difficult. Finding a good price on lunch near the UF campus can be damn near impossible. But I've just added another place to my usual list of spots to eat, and I'm betting it'll satisfy anyone with a craving for Mediterranean food. The place? - Gyro Plus.

Now, it can often be hard to distinguish one gyro or falafel from another. Aside from exceptional restaurants like Chris' Greek Taverna (I'll do a review of that place later),
most of them taste the same. The great irony of Gyro Plus is that while their gyros and their falafel are both fairly standard, their french fries are excellent. Not the best I've ever had, but way above-average for a gyro shack.

It's only around $7.50 for a decent-sized falafel sandwich, fries, and a soda, which is a pretty good deal in my book. The restaurant staff (most are seemingly from Lebanon) are curt but polite, and the place has ample outdoor seating for when the weather's nice. If you ever find yourself around the corner of 13th and University with a hankering for some great french fries (and perhaps a sandwich on the side), you know where to look now.

Rating: 2/4 stars


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