Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Miscellany: The battle of the bulge, one year later

I posted some advice about a year ago regarding what seems to shed weight, as least in my experience. During the holidays, though, it's tough for me to follow my own advice. I've put on maybe 8-10 pounds since the beginning of the winter exams, mostly by overeating and not being active enough. Sure, it's easy to resolve to run four hours a week when you're writing on a blog, but getting your butt out there on a cold, windy day is another story.

The food choices on display during winter break are disheartening, too. When you make almond meltaways that have two sticks of butter in them and almost as much sugar and white flour, they'll taste fantastic, but they'll also break any diet known to man. There were times my stomach actually hurt slightly from all the pigging out, a clear sign from my body to stop eating so much.

In any case, I'll be driving back up to school soon, so hopefully things will return to normal.


At 5:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I put on five to ten pounds every winter, and I'm not even going to a home where they feed me dessert or anything.
Just another reason to hate the season. Yay!

(Five pounds is a lot on your body when you're short.)
(It all tends to go back to normal--whatever normal is that year--by March without me doing much differently, but still.)


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