Friday, January 18, 2008

Miscellany: Rhis' equipment, Level 9

We're gearing up for a big battle in our D&D campaign, so I thought it'd be fun to examine what a sample 9th level D&D character brings to the party. I realize this kind of thing is inscrutable to non RPG players, so don't worry - I won't do this kind of thing too often.

The character's name is Rhis. He is a Fighter 2/Rogue 4/Assassin 1/Warshaper 2. This is all in the Eberron campaign setting...


Traitor's Blade (a deadly double-bladed magic sword that can be drawn instantly)
Bloodstone Dagger +1 (can hold a spell that discharges upon striking)
Heavy Flail +1
Long Spear +1
Masterwork composite longbow, silver dagger, & silver greatsword

Armor & Worn Magic Items

Mythril Chain Shirt +1 w/ Glamor of Shapeshifting
Headband +2 INT
Monacle of Construct Destruction
Necklace SR 11
Ring of Protection +2
Belt +4 CON
Boots of Swiftness

Expendable Magic Items

Wand of Command Undead (7 charges)
Scrolls of Fireball, Invisibility, Mirror Image, Lightning Bolt, False Life, Protection from (Good, Evil, Chaos, Law)


At 12:59 PM, Anonymous Brass said...

I would definitely try to get Bracers of the Hunter from the secrets of Xen'drik book, they are invaluable for Rogue/Assassin types. +2 initiative, +1d6 SA damage, +5 to hide.


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