Monday, June 23, 2008

Food: I Love New York Pizza

Pizza places are a dime a dozen here in Gainesville. Italian buffets, however, are not, and the most remote location of the "I Love NY Pizza" chain features pretty good one. The joint is on the other side of town, off the corner of NE 23rd Avenue and Main Street.

It's $10 for all you can eat and a soda. There's a pretty comprehensive salad bar (pepperoncini, onions, and olives are conveniently separate from the greens mix), some bite size deserts, a soup, and a bunch of pastas and meat dishes. Standouts included the Italian sausage (a red-blooded Southern immigrant style dish if I ever saw one), as well as the penne.

It wasn't all great, though - the meatballs and pasta were sometimes dry, and there wasn't much variety in terms of main course dishes (there was no pizza on the buffet when I visited, for example). But overall, if you're ever in the area, you could do a whole lot worse (the pizza is just okay here, BTW).

Rating: 2/4


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