Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Miscellany: Benchmade 806

I've tried to steer clear of the "gear queer" affliction that seems to be all the rage around the Internet. There's nothing more laughable than some guy on a bulletin board, posting pictures of his Xtreme Ops paracord-wrapped forged aluminum canteen, "just like the SEALs."

Sometimes things get a little out of hand, though - like when I bought the most expensive pocket knife I've ever owned, the Benchmade 806 AFCK:

It's the Axis lock version, with D2 blade steel and a plain edge. The 806 is a surprisingly big knife, with a blade just barely under 4". Even when closed, the knife is relatively long, so much so that when you use the belt clip there's still a good half inch of handle sticking out of your pocket.

I used to carry this sucker around everyday; the blade is sharp and holds an edge practically forever. The handle is tough, too, and I've used it to crush stuff like ice with no problems. Benchmade doesn't make this one any more, so I suppose I'll hold on to mine for awhile yet.


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