Saturday, August 23, 2008

Food: Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza

Good food is really only half the equation when you're running a restaurant, as Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza demonstrates. ACFP is a chain of pizza restaurants spread throughout south Florida, and Mom and I had lunch in the Palm Beach Gardens location.

They wisely specialize in pizza. You won't find spaghetti or other Italian dishes cluttering the menu, save for a couple basic salads and roasted chicken wings. At one end of the restaurant is a bank of coal-fired ovens, and the pizza that is produced is fairly tasty, if a bit blackened by the cooking process.

My problem with the place was not the food, but the service. For some reason, for the Friday lunch rush, the pizzeria only had two servers out on the floor (serving something like 16 tables). It took ten minutes just to get someone to take our order. I never got a refill of either my cup of coffee or my glass of water, and our plates weren't cleared from the table until we left. I'm giving 2 stars since I think this problem might be unique to this particular outing, but the whole thing is still a bit irksome.

2/4 stars


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