Monday, August 11, 2008

Guns: The Minimalist Handloader, Interlude

The Web has proven to be such a wonderful tool for learning and teaching - especially activities that are kinda obscure. The fact that the craft and art of making ammunition has been preserved in video form is a good sign for the continued vitality of the shooting sports - after all, what use are guns if you don't know have the ammo?

Here are some of my favorite reloading videos. All are instructional, save the last one:

This gentleman gives a great, easy-to-follow overview of Lee reloading equipment:

More on reloading (again using Lee equipment) - the Australian accent kills me everytime:

Here's a sideways video with nice explanation of the Dillon Super 1050 - probably the fastest reloading press commonly in noncommercial use:

Great primer seating troubleshooting vid:

This is the funniest one of the bunch - how NOT to reload:


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