Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Links: Blogroll Update

Just a random sampling of some blogs that I frequent - I also added them to the blogroll sidebar:

Home on the Range - One of the best blog titles I've ever run across, simultaneously conveying big Western spaces, a hot stovetop, and the crisp report of a firearm ("range" being susceptible to many interpretations). You'll see delicious food, fun gun reviews, and some other stuff.

Twenty Sided - Gaming in all its glory, with some strong coverage of the current DRM/piracy issues in PC gaming. Shamus Young, the author, has a taste in games is very similar to mine, so when he brings up game design topics, it always makes for a fun discussion.

The Smallest Minority - A very popular blog mostly focused on news and politics. Kevin writes from (and often quotes) numerous sources, skewering the MSM and collectivism with their own words.


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