Sunday, April 11, 2010

Miscellany: Shangrila Towers Personality Quiz

STEP 1: Read this story about Kathleen Bogart, a psychology researcher who has a rare congenital condition that causes facial paralysis. Bogart cannot muster any facial expressions beyond a slight smile; she recognizes emotions just fine, but cannot convey them through her face. Ironically, she worked as a social worker before realizing that she couldn't emotionally connect with people who were unused to her lack of visible affect.


If you thought, "Boy, that's such a pity," you're a pessimist.

If you thought, "That's an inspiring story," you're an optimist.

If you thought, "Whoa - she's a psychologist who has no facial expressions...I bet she could clean up in Texas Hold 'Em," you're an engineer.


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