Monday, July 26, 2010

Music: Scala and Kolacny Brothers

Movie trailer music is an odd beast. The actual soundtrack of the previewed movie is often too cerebral for the quick cuts and precise storytelling of a good trailer, so trailers are typically set to some well-known pop song that will never be played during the movie. Let's hope the trailer for "The Social Network" is an exception, because it contains a haunting cover of Radiohead's "Creep":

This version of "Creep" comes from Scala and Kolacny Brothers, a Belgian girls' choir that is apparently really big in Europe. They play their own music too, of course, but the Kolacny brothers seem adept at covering popular music. And, lest you think this cover only works inside the movie trailer, here's real-life Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg getting a cold sweat when faced with pointed questions about his service's privacy problems.


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