Friday, July 09, 2010

Sports: Not so hot in Cleveland

If you haven't picked it up already from the blistering, wall-to-wall coverage on every MSM outlet, NBA superstar LeBron James is coming to Miami to play with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in a trio that's already been nicknamed "Miami Thrice."

I don't really care much about this fact in and of itself, and I didn't bother to spend time watching LeBron televise his ego on national TV in an hourlong special called (with only the slightest whiff of irony) "The Decision." Heck, where most sports pundits are criticizing the way LeBron broke from the Cleveland Cavaliers (a protracted, month-long buildup that easily overshadowed ESPN's coverage of the World Cup), I don't see anything particularly wrong with giving the fans a little manufactured drama.

What I'm worried about is the real, tangible effect this will have on Cleveland. As one mockommercial put it (only half-jokingly), the Cleveland economy is based on LeBron James. Take away LBJ and the Cavs instantly go from playoff team to sub-.500 punching bags - who's going to pay for Cleveland's expensive stadiums now?


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