Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween at the Towers 2010 - A Tribute to "The Rocky Horror Show"

Halloween has come again, and Shangrila Towers will feature Halloween-themed posts until October 31st hits, when we'll cap the season off with a liveblog of AMC's adaptation of "The Walking Dead." Today, we'll examine one of the seminal sci-fi/horror parodies...

"The Rocky Horror Show" is one of those pieces of pop culture that, on paper, shouldn't be as successful as it is. After all, the show features a wispy plot, a transvestite mad scientist, and enough curious sexual encounters to fill several Lifetime films. How is it that this British stage show is now so mainstream that it can be featured on major network TV show?

I submit that the reason "The Rocky Horror Show" has thrived where so many goofy '70s properties have faded is because of its music. Even with outrageous costumes, tongue-in-cheek effects, and a raucous atmosphere, a musical can't get a cult following without good songs.

Take the signature song of the RHS, "The Time Warp." It's an absurdly catchy piece of music, with lyrics that are easy to sing and dance directions that are easy to follow:

Even the lesser-known songs are fun to listen to. My personal favorite is "Hot Patootie - Bless My Soul," a rollicking number sung in the movie by - who else? - Meat Loaf:

Anyway, this Halloween, grab your wheelchair, put on your Riff Raff cap, and enjoy the sounds of "The Rocky Horror Show."


At 11:05 PM, Blogger Brigid said...

I used to go to this little theater on the "Ave" in the Seattle University District early 80's, my first year there and watch Rocky Horror. People used to dress up and throw stuff at the screen.

Great times.


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