Sunday, January 09, 2011

News: Six murdered in Arizona spree shooting

Everyone knows about the shootings in Arizona by now. Awful things happened yesterday because of a deranged individual. Six innocent people were murdered.

In all the tragedy, though, there is still some small comfort in knowing that ordinary people have the courage to do what's right:

The "real hero," Zamudio said, was the man who grabbed the gunman first. "There was a gentleman who was wounded on top of the head, I think he got hit with a ricochet or something, (a) bullet grazed the top of his head," but still he "initiated the contact" with the shooter. "Then other people were able to grab on and they were able to kind of contain him and pull him down."

If you carry a concealed weapon for self-defense (and I know most of my readers do), carry it. All the time. Be skillful with it. Pray that you never have to draw it. But be ready:


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