Saturday, April 23, 2011

Links: Random Stuff Edition

I try to think of some unifying theme for my aggregation posts - a trio of mediocre movies shown on New Year's Day, a quartet of Batman comics on the clearance rack of the local bookstore/comics shop, etc. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to come up with a theme for today's links; hope you enjoy 'em anyway...

Better Book Titles - This blog (run by comedian Dan Wilbur) takes the plot of a famous book, summarizes it with a pithy phrase, and slaps it on the book's cover: "Watchman" becomes "Be Flexible or Be Incinerated," "Botched Home Invasion" is subbed in for "The Night Before Christmas," etc. If you're well-read, you're probably going to find this site hysterically funny. Wilbur accepts reader submissions on Fridays, so you can get in on the fun, too.

Armed and Pregnant - Lima is a fairly well-known YouTube personality, and she's decided to blog her latest pregnancy in real-time, along with personal protection tips for mothers-to-be. The posts can be a bit verbose, but I can't think of anyone more qualified to write about what to expect when you carry when you're expecting.

Typography for Lawyers - The printed word is a big deal here at Shangrila Towers; I once watched a documentary on Helvetica, for pete's sake. This website, run by lawyer and graphic design major Matthew Butterick, takes it one step further. If you ever wonder how a san serifs font, poor kerning, and straight quotation marks affect the readability of your briefs and legal correspondence, this is the site for you.


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