Monday, May 09, 2011

Food: Benny's On the Beach

On Mother's Day, the line of people waiting to eat breakfast at John G's stretches to ridiculous, Ralphie-in-the-department store-in-"A Christmas Story" lengths. We were in a hurry, so I opted to take Mom to a place on the nearby Lake Worth pier - Benny's On the Beach.

Benny's has a great view, and the food is generally competent. We don't visit regularly because, to be honest, it's sort of the Slugworth to John G's Willy Wonka - it's serviceable food, but everything is just a little bit worse: the grits are dry and thin, the omelets aren't as well-cooked, and the corned beef hash servings are a bit paltry. Pretty much the only thing I really like at Benny's is the stuffed French toast:

2/4 stars


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