Monday, February 06, 2012

Guns: The Art of the Precision Rifle review

"The Art of the Precision Rifle" might be the last of Magpul's series of firearms videos, since the series hosts, Chris Costa and Travis Haley, left Magpul Dynamics to form their own companies. Fittingly, in this video Chris and Travis are the students, learning from rifle shooting instructor Todd Hodnett of Accuracy 1st:

The DVDs are all focused on long-range shooting (and by "long-range," I mean 600-2000 meters). Magpul's production values are as high as they've ever been: a plateau location with scenic vistas, super-high quality suppressed rifle rigs, remote cameras galore to pick up the impact of bullets on distant targets. The 5 discs cover a metric ton of shooting topics, too - check out Magpul's site for the full rundown.

Hodnett's expertise makes this the most technical of the Magpul DVDs, with plenty of discussion of zeroing and wind call esoterica. If you're the type of person who doesn't know a mil from a mill, you might not enjoy all the math on display. The pace of the videos is also fairly relaxed by Magpul standards (by its very nature, precision rifle shooting requires stillness and focus). Still, there aren't too many places you can get ten hours of quality long range shooting discussion, and the DVDs are basically a must-buy if you're at all interested in the topic.


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