Saturday, January 28, 2012

Guns: East Orange Shooting Sports review

Despite being Florida's biggest tourism hub, it can be difficult finding a place to shoot in Orlando. The city proper doesn't have many outdoor rifle and shotgun ranges, and the indoor ranges can sometimes be (as my sister puts it) "sketch." Out-of-towners looking for a good, safe shooting experience will probably want to try out East Orange Shooting Sports:

EOSS is a solid, friendly, well-run range and gun store that can get fairly crowded on the weekends. You can shoot pistols, rifles, and shotguns there, though it's obviously not much of a challenge to shoot a rifle or shotgun at 10 yards. The default pistol range fee is about $9, which gives you access to the range for the entire day - no pesky hourly rate. There's a separate area of the range for rifles and shotguns.

EOSS has a particularly great system for gun rentals - for about $9, you can rent as many handguns as you like, taking them out one at a time (you can only shoot EOSS-purchased ammo through the rentals, which is pretty standard). For a beginner, this is an awesome way to go, since you can compare a number of different handgun types (Beretta 92, GLOCK, Sig, etc.) without paying a separate rental fee for each one.

As one of the best indoor ranges in Orlando, you'll see plenty of tourists. I saw a number of folks from the UK and other parts of Europe, and they had a ball trying out all the guns. Also unique to EOSS is the ten-trip range card - for $75, you get ten trips to the range, and the card never expires; for most people that's probably cheaper than the average indoor range's yearly membership.

The range is a bit on the small side, but the service, selection, and convenience of EOSS makes it worth a visit if you're jonesing to sling some lead in Winter Park.


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