Saturday, January 14, 2012

Food: Habatat Coffee Company review

West Palm Beach's best coffee shop is easily Habatat Coffee Company. It's located on Clematis near the Paul G. Rogers Federal Building and Courthouse:

The place is located inside an art gallery, so while you're sipping your cappuccino, you can look at a panoply of fascinating sculptures:

Of course, beautiful artwork wouldn't make up for bad coffee. Thankfully, proprietor Sean Scott and his family serve up some truly excellent stuff (Counter Culture Coffee from Durham, NC - it's fancy), and their barista skills are way better than the hapless wage slave at your local Green Siren. Ordering a latte triggers an elaborate process - they grind the beans on the spot, brew the espresso right there, and steam the milk from scratch (no pre-heated milk that's been sitting for half an hour - yuck).

Sitting in Habatat, listening to indie pop, reading an issue of Wired, while Ed McGivern's "Fast and Fancy Revolver Shooting" downloads to my computer via Habatat's complimentary wifi - I really can't think of anywhere else I'd rather be.

3/4 stars


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