Saturday, December 26, 2015

Guns: Gun World of South Florida review

There are plenty of indoor shooting ranges in my neck of the woods, but only a select few have earned the coveted Shangrila Towers Seal of Approvalâ„¢ - i.e., places where I feel comfortable enough to test the guns I review on this blog. Gun World of South Florida is one of those ranges:

Gun World is the brainchild of the late Randy Waltuch (whom I never got the chance to meet). It embodies all the characteristics a person would want in a gun store and shooting range - safety, cleanliness, and courtesy, but without costing an arm and a leg to shoot. The place is divided into two main areas: a well-appointed gun store (above), and two air-conditioned, air-filtered shooting ranges (ten 25 yard lanes and five 50' lanes). There are also classroom areas for CCW instruction, and a very nice lounge next to the range with a TV, couches, and vending machines.

There is a giant wall of holsters, mag pouches, and other accessories for most popular handguns:

The ranges themselves are well lit and spacious. Each lane/bench is four feet wide, with plenty of room for your guns, range bag, ammo, etc. All ranges are rated for up to .50 BMG. Gun World doesn't meter you by the hour, and they offer prepaid shooting cards that allow you to buy range sessions in advance for a discount. Unlike most ranges, there are dozens of handguns available for rent (though you do have to shoot only ammo you buy at their store through the rentals, which is a common policy).

In the buffer room between the range and the rest of the store, there's a faucet and soap to help you clean up after a shooting session. There are astonishingly few ranges set up like this, even though everyone knows it's mandatory to wash up after you shoot.

All in all, I think Gun World of South Florida is one of the best indoor ranges in the area, and certainly the best range in Broward County.


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