Sunday, July 31, 2016

Guns: Kahr CW380 review (The .380 Throne, Part 2 of 5)

[I'm clearing out a bunch of my .380 pistols, so I thought it'd be fun to do a C/D-style comparison test to see which one is king of the hill...]

4. Kahr CW380 - One size fits small

Kahr still makes the only truly pocket-sized 9mm pistol I would recommend (the PM9/CM9), so it might be surprising that they only place fourth in this shootout. The CW380 is one of the smaller .380s on the market, sure, but not everything can be proportionally shrunken down without affecting utility.

In this case, the gun's tiny size makes the long Kahr double-action trigger almost unusable for me (and I have small hands), while the slimmed down sights are difficult to see and even harder to shoot at speed. This gun turned in the largest groups of the entire test. The gun is reliable, and accurate enough up close, but it's not a top choice for me.

Winchester White Box FMJ at 7 yards:

10 yards...

Remington UMC at 10 yards:

S&B at 10 yards:

S&B at 15 yards - most of the shots were off paper; it would be way too risky to actually use the gun for self-defense at this distance.


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