Saturday, July 09, 2016

Miscellany: Docking Bay 94

In an unassuming building just off of U.S. 441, you can find perhaps the best comic book shop in South Florida - Docking Bay 94.

It's wall-to-wall comics, games, and collectibles, with an emphasis on new comics and hardcover/TPB collections. It's a little small, so you won't find a ton of back issues.

Docking Bay 94 is one of those shops that's supported by a big community - gaming groups routinely roost on the long central tables, and there are plenty of regulars who come in to grab their subscribed books and chat with the guys running the store.

Those guys are owner Johnny Miller and his team. They are thoroughly, intensely devoted to comics and games - people who can rattle off the plot points of "Preacher" or talk about the art style in some obscure title without breaking a sweat. Unlike a lot of comics uber-nerds, though, they are also friendly and welcoming. I've never gone into the place without getting a good deal or sound advice on what comics I might like to try. So, if you're the kind of person who kind of likes comics, you'd do well to stop by Docking Bay 94.


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