Sunday, July 15, 2007

Guns: The CZ-27 - a surplus firearm case study

The CZ-27, a pistol chambered in .32 ACP, was the first handgun I ever bought. I'll never forget the first time I shot it. It was pouring rain and the outdoor range was soaking wet. I emptied the entire mag at 5 yards into a cardboard target my friend had set up - it seemed fine, but my friend warned me that it jammed quite a bit. I bought it off of him for $50.

As I suspected, the jamming problems were due to the 70 year old springs, and a "spring refresh kit" ordered from Wolff changed the gun from a jammomatic to a relatively reliable pocket pistol. My particular specimen was made during the Nazi occupation of the region, and it bears the characteristic German eagle on its barrel.

It's a throwback to an earlier time, when police forces didn't mind using .38 revolvers and .32 pistols, guns that are typically derided as "underpowered" today. I think my CZ-27 will still do the job, and it's surprisingly accurate given the tiny v-notch sights. I am missing a grip screw (the grip is original) - there's probably no chance of me ever finding a CZ-27 grip screw for sale...


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