Saturday, March 15, 2014

Food: Subculture Coffee review

I was a bit dismayed when Habatat Coffee Company, my favorite coffee joint in West Palm Beach, closed down last year. The disappointment was only temporary, though, because Habatat owner Sean Scott was teaming up with local restauranteur Rodney Mayo to form something even better: Subculture Coffee.

Nestled on Clematis Street near another of Mayo's establishments, Longboard's, Subculture Coffee is part of the latest generation of craft coffeehouses and microroasters. The centerpiece of the place is the imposing Diedrich roaster, for roasting microbatches of coffee beans.

Next to that is a small kitchen, where sandwiches and salads are made by hand:

The coffee here is exceptional. It's made from specially sourced beans, roasted no more than 25 pounds at a time, and brewed by people who know what they are doing. Sean's been serving coffee for years now, so it's no surprise that Subculture Coffee's offerings are rich and complex. Pair that artisan coffee with an assortment of treats, wine, beer, and wi-fi, and you have pretty much the best coffeehouse in South Florida.
4/4 stars