Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sports: UF vs. Kentucky

Photo Credit: Ed Reinke/AP Photo

While I've done a few posts on the UF football team that shellacked OSU in the BCS championship game, I've never talked about the current champions here in Gainesville - the UF men's basketball team.

These guys are a very special bunch, mostly because they didn't have to be here. With the possible exception of Lee Humphrey (who is still a fabulous 3-point shooter and a good defender), four of the then-sophomore Gators could have exited for the NBA Draft. Especially for Corey Brewer, whose father is battling illness, the lure of money and fame must have been powerful.

These guys stayed on, however, and are now on track to repeat as champions. Tonight's game was a close one in Kentucky. With Noah and Horford, the two big men, out in foul trouble, the Gators struggled to find ways to score, with Green, Brewer, and Richards eventually chipping in enough to outlast the Wildcats.


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