Tuesday, April 03, 2007

School: The Championship Aftermath

I wouldn't want to ride a bike down University Avenue right now. The remnants of last night's full-scale, street-flooding celebration of the Gators' championship win were readily apparent on University Ave. today. Broken bottles, strands of toilet paper hanging from streetlights, and a general feeling of "ulgh" highlight the calamity inflicted upon a landscape when thousands of drunken college students start celebrating.

It's definitely a bit disconcerting, something so ugly coming out of UF's beautifully played final game. One police officer was even run over by a speeding Tacoma last night, and is currently in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. Given the massive crowd last night, complete with impromptu fireworks and eventually petty acts of arson, I'm surprised no one else was hurt.

While sports are fine, in the end, it's only a game. I understand why raucous postgame celebrations occur, but it's still something people should discourage, and not turn a blind eye to.


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