Friday, May 04, 2007

News: Pwned, in two manners

The Queen's visit is raising a small hubbub up in Jamestown, Virginia. I find it fascinating that the tides could turn so rapidly - 200 years ago, an English monarch probably wouldn't deign to step foot on American soil, but a couple centuries and World Wars later, and suddenly Queen Elizabeth is getting a tour of the area from Dick Cheney, the vice president. This, of course, is called pwnage.

Pwnage is cyclical, though. A couple thousand years ago, Italians ran most of the world. 500 years ago, Spain was calling the shots. America's time in the sun probably won't last forever. I wonder who's next in the pages of history - India? China? Or perhaps a country that's flying under the radar? It's weird that everyone's jostling for position when we're all the same species.

Another way in which the Queen's visit represents pwnage is how healthy and strong she looks. Good Lord, Prince Charles looks like he's never gonna be king - the Queen's clear and steady speech on the VA Tech massacre made it look like she could live till 150.


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